Watch Desus & Mero Keep Their Freewheeling, Rambunctious Energy Up in Their First Episode on Showtime

Desus Nice and Kid Mero had made waves in late night with their undeniable exuberance and the way they trash talk what’s in the zeitgeist rather than do traditional one-liner jokes in a traditional late night monologue on the Viceland version of their show.

With the upgrade of being on Showtime that premiered last night, Desus & Mero stay true to that dynamic while upping their profile with a sketch (a righteous parody of Green Book) and a remote segment (making Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s D.C. office feel more like the Bronx). Through it all, they stayed true to their gritty, yet fun vibe. Perhaps, one of the only small differences we noticed is that they ask guests what they would want a neon sign to say (superimposed later in post) as opposed to their original question of what a guest would want a rainbow to say. It’s really just a higher-powered version of their original show.

We’re genuinely excited to see what good sort of ruckus the duo can raise in the weeks and months to come.

See for yourself as Showtime put the whole first episode on YouTube, then tune in to catch them weekly on Showtime on Thursdays at 11PM.