Desus & Mero Bring the Hype in Announcing This Year’s Black List

Every year around this time, The Black List announces the most popular screenplays around Tinseltown that have yet to be produced into actual movies. Normally, it would just be announced on social media and a .PDF would make the rounds with titles, names, and loglines.

Yet, Franklin Leonard, the creator of The Black List, has opted for a much slicker announcement, even slicker than most award shows by tapping Desus Nice & The Kid Mero. Awards shows like The Emmys and The Oscars have a couple celebrities get dressed up way too early in the morning and plainly read nominees. In contrast, Desus & Nice bring the signature riffing off-the-cuff while reading off all the screenplays that made it into the 2020 edition of The Black List.

Leonard himself predicts that Desus & Mero will host The Oscars and we sincerely, deeply hope that he’s right.

Please enjoy the whole Black List announcement with Desus & Mero here.

Read the entirety of this year’s Black List here.