TCB Field Report Ep. 76: DeAnne Smith & Transplanting Again

The superb DeAnne Smith joins TCB’s Jake Kroeger for this week’s TCB Field Report as they have just re-transplanted themselves from LA to NYC (with love for both cities and their respective comedy hubs). Also, DeAnne fills us in their upcoming special which would expressly taped with some of their exes in the audience (complete w/interviews after the taping) and explains the joy they found in live-stream, front facing camera comedy.

Follow DeAnne @deanne_smith on Twitter and IG and get tickets to DeAnarchy on 9/15 and DeAnne Smith & Acquaintances on 9/17.

Also, at the time of this recording, DeAnne is looking for a more permanent spot in NYC. If you have leads DM them.

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Produced by Jake Kroeger
Music by Brian Granillo
Artwork by Andrew Delman and KT