Dax Jordan’s Album “#1 Grandson” Dedicated to His Grandparents, Featuring His Dad on Drums Out Now


When it comes to parents and grandparents, most comedians only use them for material, often in a not so flattering light that shows why that comedian is driven to be a comedian.

However, Dax Jordan not only included his dad on his brand new album #1 Grandson, but made a dedication to his grandparents and even included a great closer in honor of them.

Dax’s dad plays drums quite well through some of Dax’s clever, punchy, puns, offering a perfect spice for them. Those sections buffer between Dax’s deeper, but still quite fun examinations into his personal issues including divorce and depression, making for a very well-rounded comedy album. 

So, while the verdict may be out on your folks, you can enjoy Dax’s family by getting #1 Grandson here.