Netflix Enlists David Spade, Fortune Feimster, and London Hughes for “Netflix After Party”, an After-Show for All of Netflix

(via Deadline)

For the last several years, Netflix has aimed to show its dominance over traditional TV networks by often doing things on a much larger scale than any broadcast or cable network could or would. The announcement of Netflix After Party is definitely such a move as Netflix is setting the table to have a companion after-show for not just a single show, but rather the entire streaming service.

Also, the streaming behemoth will be employing comedians, specifically David Spade, Fortune Feimster, and London Hughes (this is pretty much her intro to the U.S. hailing from the U.K.) as hosts that will riff on the boat loads of content that Netflix releases every single week across the globe. We have no doubt that other comedians as well as the typical collection of cast members, writers, etc. will be guests on the show to dish about whatever’s most popular on Netflix (i.e. it’d be The Queen’s Gambit if the show were on right now).

It has been a minute since a full-fledged after-show was introduced (minus that comedians-making-fun-of-House Hunters series that got produced at the beginning of quarantine). There have been plenty of companion podcasts as producing audio remotely is plenty safe and so much easier to pull off than an entire TV series production. However, The Netflix After Party is set to get going in 2021 when, maybe, perhaps, there might just be a vaccine and it might be an easier series to produce.

With Biden in office by that point, we’re intrigued to see if people will be more game to see comedians to make fun of TV and movies as the election, pandemic, and the cultural uprising has dominated the zeitgeist for most of 2020.