Please Get Dave Ross’ Fantastic Album “The Only Man Who Has Ever Had Sex”


Dave Ross was one of the first comedians that we saw in the LA scene (back in 2009) when we first started dipping our toe into comedy (even before we created TCB). In that time, it has been a hoot seeing Dave meticulous craft his material over several years into this one very, very good album, The Only Man Who Has Ever Had Sex.

In fact, we have heard all of this material plenty of times, but still thoroughly got a kick out of it hearing in this particularly wonderful performance (that’s playful, loose, self-aware, lightning-in-a-bottle-esque as stand-up comedy recordings should be). Dave’s deconstruction of masculinity is so spot-on and hysterical from every angle. Even the notion that he is dissecting the old idea of what being a man is with a traditionally very manly voice is inherently very funny. The name of the album The Only Man Who Has Ever Had Sex, track titles (I Attack Strangers, I Am God, I Am A Truck, I Scream at Children), and the album’s website also accomplish this goal and makes you laugh no matter how you engage with this album.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s a 152 pg. flipbook that enhances said experience with the same irreverence.

The Only Man Who Has Ever Had Sex is out today from AST Records and you very, very, very much should go get into all of it here.