Dave Made a Maze Is One of the Most Imaginative Comedies We’ve Seen in Awhile


On top of having one of the most magical production designs that we’ve ever seen in a film (honestly, it’s a misfire if Production Designers John Sumner and Trisha Gum don’t at least get nominated for an Oscar, Spirit Award, or something), Dave Made a Maze bends and blends genres (comedy, romance, adventure, thriller, mockumentary), is devilishly self-reflexive, and thoroughly a very fun ride of a movie.

This offering from director/co-writer Bill Watterson and writer Steve Sears is a surprise that definitely is the refreshing surprise that theaters across America needed this Summer. Dave Made a Maze definitely lives in a universe somewhere between Michel Gondry and The Duplass Brothers.

We should also note that comedian/actor Nick Thune is perfectly cast here as the titular ‘Dave’ and to not be surprised if you see the charming Meera Rohit Kumbhani on more screens in the near future.

There are a few U.S. screenings left, but you can go watch Dave Made a Maze on iTunes or buy it on DVD or Blu-ray.