Fox’s Latest Animated Comedy Will Be Set in Mythical Ancient Greece from Dan Harmon & Bento Box

(via Deadline)

With Dan Harmon’s track record at this point, odds are that you’ll catch whatever animated comedy that’s he putting out. The sheer domination of Rick & Morty across television is enough hold up this claim.

So, Fox is betting big on this notion as they have given a series order to a Harmon series that will be produced by acclaimed animation studio Bento Box Entertainment (the folks behind Bob’s Burgers). You can see that Harmon has built quite the sandbox to play with (and alternatively destroy and reframe) with the show’s setting in mythical Ancient Greece following mortals, gods, and monsters trying desperately to not ruin one of civilization’s first attempts at a city.

We can already imagine the whipsmart writing and the sort of play within and outside of the tomes of Greek Mythology. If you can think of Rick Sanchez as a flawed god, Harmon ought to have a field day with a whole crew of them.

An interesting tidbit to this series order is that Fox will own the whole series and thus broadcast it on their channels as well as funnel it through on the streaming end through their very own streaming service, Tubi. If you have followed the rise and fall of streaming of services in recent years, they do seem to depend on marquee shows (i.e. what would Disney Plus be without The Mandalorian and conversely, look what happened to Quibi).

Sure, you’ll be able to watch it on linear TV, but are you going to go in on another streaming service w/Tubi? We’ll just have to wait and see how fervent Harmon’s fans are in the next year and how good of a trailer they cut for the show.