Please Enjoy “I’m So Happy 4 U” from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 (That Will Also Likely Become an Anthem About Deflecting Your Anxiety)

One of the many great things Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was able to do over its four season run was to have a dialogue about mental health via musical numbers without seeming overwrought or preachy. 

Even though “I’m So Happy 4 U” ultimately got cut from airing in season 4, it nails a very specific moment that so many of us have throughout our daily lives, but probably don’t talk about because we really wouldn’t want to bother anyone with how we feel, right?

Please enjoy Rachel Bloom, once more as Rebecca Bunch, “being completely fine” in I’m So Happy 4 U.

Oh yeah, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Season 4′s soundtrack is up for sale now too!