Lisa Hanawalt’s “Coyote Doggirl” Is Every Bit the Subversive, Funny, Western Graphic Novel That You Want It To Be


This week, the wonderful multi-hyphenate Lisa Hanawalt (Tuca and Bertie, BoJack Horseman, Baby Geniuses) came out with her first graphic novel, Coyote Doggirl.

In a somewhat Western tradition, it follows a horse and the titular coyote doggirl getting separated. Hanawalt’s delightful penchant for anthropomorphizing animals, exuberant color palate, and cheeky dialogue give a fresh take on the genre. 

If you listen to Hanawalt’s voice on her podcast Baby Geniuses, try imagining her reading the whole book as another fun layer to this book.

With all of that said, go get a hardcover copy from Drawn & Quarterly here.