The Black Empowerment Network Presents Dr. Cornel West on a Russian Interview Show

The amazing DeMorge Brown who you’ve probably seen plenty of places (hopefully Channel 101) has started a series of videos, so we hope, under the umbrella of The Black Empowerment Network

Often times, DeMorge plays a great version of Cornel West and, with that, puts him in decidedly weirder contexts. This particular one for B.E.N. puts his Cornel West on a Russian talk show hosted by Anna Seregina (who hails from Russia, but has made quite a home here in America and mastered our language to the point of doing great stand-up in English without any trace of an accent).

It’s called вопросы с Aннандрией Featuring Guest Dr. Cornel West

Get lost in translation and wonderment in watching this right now.

Also, we think Aaron Moles (also frequently on Channel 101) might be playing Putin?