Pick of the Day: The Cooties Go Online 5/18

One of the best musical comedy groups working today (and, hell, in comedy, period), The Cooties are setting to ease our pandemic and world weary anxieties to rest for an hour or two with a show that’s “50% comedy, 50% concert, and 0% cooking competition.”

For several years, they have served up the most absurd songs with some of the best grooves and most beautiful harmonies in LA and around the country. Truly, they’ll transport you (as well as your toe that will be tapping to their songs) to a better, more fun place with their upcoming comedy live-stream, The Cooties Go Online.

This special, rambunctious evening of mirth and song will go live on Tues. May 18th at 6PM PT/9PM ET. Tickets are going at the nice price of $10 (plus service fee which makes it $11.62). Go get yours for The Cooties Go Online right now right here.