Pick of the Day: Conner O’Malley & Carmen Christopher (in LA) 8/14

This Saturday, any one in attendance will be treated to an hour of comedy by the boundary pushing comedic artists that are Conner O’Malley and Carmen Christopher. O’Malley has been so many characters that perfectly satirize some of the most ego-driven facets of the American psyche and Christopher dared to do a pandemic safe comedy special by carrying around an amp and a mic throughout the streets and perform for strangers from a distance.

Together, they combined their powers to offer up this visit to Atlantic City.

In short, it’s a night of comedy, even if only for an hour, that you shouldn’t miss.

Conner & Carmen will be taking over Dynasty Typewriter this Sat. Aug. 10th at 10PM PT. Tickets are $20 right now and $25 on the day of. Best get your tickets right now.

Posters by Cole Kush.