Team Coco Releases First of Over 4000 Episodes of Conan O’Brien’s Talk Shows from 25 Years Ago

A quarter century ago, some of the fanciest hair on the one of the silliest people, Conan O’Brien, began what would be a legendary career (and is still in the making) of hosting late night talk shows.

To mark this milestone in comedy, television, and entertainment history, Team Coco will soon be having a Late Night Archive in which you can go through the aforementioned 4000+ episodes of Conan including (Late Night, The Tonight Show). We’re sure Gen Z will have a lot of fun discovering Fed Ex Pope, Conan spinning his wedding ring on his desk, and the early days of Conan roaming outside the studio.

For now, you can watch the very first episode on YouTube for your convenience and impatiently have to wait for the thousands of other eps. in Jan. 2019.