Conan O’Brien Made a Pretty Good Bill Cosby Joke Last Night

The entirety of comedy has been trying to deal with one of the most tragic falls of one of its own that it has ever had. That’s saying a lot given the very well known flaws of many comedians, but the counts upon counts upon counts of sexual assault and rape levied at Bill Cosby have been hard to process given how so many people held him in such high regard.

So, comedy is starting to do what it does best and bring some levity to the whole matter. You might have caught Seth Meyers do a meta-bit about doing a joke about the controversy surrounding Cosby or a quick one-liner from Jon Stewart on The Daily Show

Last night, Conan O’Brien delivered a Cosby joke within his What’s Conan Watching Now (around 1:12) segment on Conan.

As a Cosby biographer stated that he may to revise future editions of Cosby: His Life and Times, more live performances of Cosby are getting cancelled or are offering refunds before the shows even happen, Bill Cosby himself resigned from the Temple University Board of Trustees, and Bill Cosby himself only spoke up on the matter to say that he “…doesn’t have to answer to innuendos,” late night jokes on national television are seemingly only the beginning of what will be a hot button topic for comedians for the next several years.