Conan O’Brien Did a Talk Show at DMZ, Guest Starred in Korean Soap Opera and K-Pop Song, and Tried Tae Kwon Do All While in Korea

The Conan in Korea special was pretty much everything you’d want it to be.

Not only do you get a great sense of how great Korea is and the history behind its people, but you also get to see things like Conan O’Brien do the string dance in a K-Pop music video.

Also on Conan’s itinerary was: 
being greeted like a rock star even though Conan doesn’t air in Korea
annoying another foreign language instructor
galavanting around a local fish market
guest starring in a Korean soap opera with a very Conan-esque role
hang at a Korean gaming cafe known as a “PC Bang”
being goaded into breaking boards while trying Tae Kwon Do
discovering that Steven Yeun doesn’t know as much about Korean food as he had hoped
uncovering that certain Buddhist monks are more with the times than he thought
doing a faux talk show ‘North Korea style’ while having his feet over in North Korean territory at the Joint Security Area

All in all, O’Brien proves yet again that he’s a great ambassador even though he’s intentionally parading around like a very tall clown.