To Watch “Conan In Cuba” In Cuba, You Have To Bootleg It

Even though sanctions have been lifted, there are some Cuban bans on U.S. TV that still have yet to be done away with.

Two months ago, Conan O’Brien beat everyone in television to doing the first big time American TV appearance in Cuba in decades. It was a landmark moment for U.S.-Cuba relations as well as a highly anticipated fantastic hour of television.

With that being said, the Cuban people, probably many of whom were featured in the Conan in Cuba episode, couldn’t legally watch any of Conan’s visit as watching many American TV programs are highly frowned upon by the Cuban government. 

We say “frowned upon” because many street vendors seem to get away with openly selling bootlegged DVDs of various American TV series, which coincidentally also includes Conan in Cuba.

So, watch Cuban folks buy bootlegs of Conan in Cuba in Cuba here.