Conan O’Brien Presents His Origin Story and Finds Chris Parnell Signing Books on The Sly During 2nd Day of Comic Con

If you’ve ever wondered how Conan O’Brien came to be the renowned talk show host that he is (besides the oft-documented story of working on The Simpsons then replacing Letterman at Late Night), then watch his “official” origin story that he presented at his second day at Comic-Con

Also, in the same day, Conan ran into a bit of problem with a very surprising appearance by Chris Parnell apparently cosplaying as Game of Thrones author George RR Martin who had a very surprising book cover on the books the was signing.

Having already done zombie bits with a Walking Dead episode of Conan in the past, we can’t imagine what he’s going to pull on tonight’s episode with the cast of the Walking Dead.