Comedy Dynamics Made Their Own Stand-Up Showcase Series “Coming To The Stage”

(via Splitsider)

So, 12 comics intros at live shows could potentially be, “You’ve seen our next comic on “Coming To The Stage”, coming to the stage…”

Dave Anthony, Matt McCarthy, Sara Schaefer, Ian Abramson, Rob O’Reilly, Jen D’Angelo, Rell Battle, James Davis, Jesse Popp, Benji Aflalo, Joe Sib, and Allen Strickland Williams make up 12 comics that will be hosted by Dan Levy in the new stand-up web series Coming To The Stage.

It’s a line-up you should definitely watch as featured in this trailer.

Comedy Dynamics caught some footage at the “hallowed” rooms of the Hollywood Hotel and Tribal Cafe showing that they searched everywhere they could for the best comics they could find.

Coming To The Stage is set for release online May 6th.