Comedy Central Needs @RobDelaney

The flashy card above isn’t something that comedian Rob Delaney just had made for himself.

Well, maybe it is, but is was also made for his Comedy Central pilot that just taped, @RobDelaney (yes, that’s the name of the show, which is brilliant move on Delaney’s part), which we were so lucky to catch, enjoy, and laugh heartily.

As it’s in pilot stage right now, we won’t say too much about what we saw, but @RobDelaney has the potential to finally put a button on the whole conversation about Twitter and its relevance in comedy. Many comedians agree their regular non-comedy peers in that more often than not Twitter is vapid waste of time. However, the National Lampoon Twitter King, in the taping we were at, brought to light what being funny 140 characters at a time can become if you foster a voice and diligently build a following. 

@RobDelaney utilizes a variety of different aspects of the social media giant such as hashtags and trending topics as well as celebrities tweeting stupid, inane garbage to make for something that has promise for genuine laughs. Most importantly, Delaney’s hilarious and unlike the horde of clip/pop culture shows, it’s something we haven’t really seen before because of the Twitter aspect (If What’s Trending with Shira Lazar just came to mind, you do know that’s not funny all the time, right?).

Hopefully, with Comedy Central’s blessing, the rest of the world will get to see the face and voice of Rob Delaney because they need to.