Here’s Your First Look at Colin Quinn’s Drive-In Showcase Special “Colin Quinn & Friends: A Parking Lot Comedy Show”

As drive-in shows were one of the first and only things that were afforded to live comedy in the pandemic, it was inevitable that there would be comedy specials produced from it. So much overhead goes into producing a drive-in show anyway that it only stands to reason that they would shoot the performance and try to do something with it.

Indeed, drive-in stand-up comedy specials are coming. Comedy Dynamics has a handful of them and then there’s Colin Quinn’s showcase of his favorite comics performing at a drive-in in Brooklyn. It’s aptly named Colin Quinn & Friends: A Parking Lot Comedy Show, perhaps highlighting how far live comedy has had to adapt in order to get some sense of normalcy (i.e. not doing stand-up on Zoom).

Today, Quinn released a trailer and gave us all the first look of Colin Quinn & Friends: A Parking Lot Comedy Show that will feature performances from Sam Jay, Marina Franklin, Dan Soder, Bonnie McFarlane, Chris DiStefano, Rich Vos, Robert Kelly, and, of course Colin Quinn himself.

If you haven’t been to a drive-in stand-up show (they are pretty expensive), you’ll get a taste of the history that has been made this year of comedians, very likely for the first time ever in history, performing to people in their cars who resort to honking and flashing their headlights to, hopefully, show appreciation for a bit.

Colin Quinn & Friends: A Parking Lot Comedy Show premieres on HBO Max this Thursday, Nov. 12th.