Colbert’s Anthony Scaramucci Interview Has Stephen Chasing a Mooch That’s Trying to Avoid Another Misfire

Whatever you take away from this, Stephen Colbert’s interview of Anthony Scaramucci is and will be a milestone in Colbert’s tenure at The Late Show.

It’s intriguing that Scaramucci picked Colbert, who has taken the lead in ratings in late night most likely for being outspoken against the Trump Administration and, on top of that, is a particularly sharp and prickly interviewer when he wants to be. 

As you might expect, Scaramucci makes a concerted effort to not say the sorts of things that probably got him dismissed from his White House Communications Director gig in record time. Still, in awkwardly avoiding a mishap while Colbert probed his experience at The White House, you almost get the feeling your watching Veep (current showrunner David Mandel has commented how “Trump is doing us.”). Could we call this “gonzo comedy”?

So, without further adieu, watch Colbert interview Anthony Scaramucci here and here.