Help LA Indie Improv’s Clubhouse Reopen with This Kickstarter

So many venues and things in comedy fell victim to the pandemic in one way or another. We won’t bring the mood down by listing those yet again, but, odds are, you have mourned the things that have closed and gotten anxious over the things in comedy whose fate is yet to be determined.

Fortunately, one of the things that will survive is one of LA comedy’s beloved indie improv venue, The Clubhouse, nestled in a very large strip mall on Vermont Ave. in Los Feliz. Dozens and dozens of improv shows as well as some sketch, stand-up, clowning, and other wild comedy experiments were held lovingly at one of the The Clubhouse’s two rooms.

We were thoroughly worried that it was going to be a place that was indeed going to close as a result of having to be dark for so long. That is not the case as you now know, but they will need help reopening. There is back rent that’s due and many long overdue and necessary repairs that The Clubhouse needs. That’s why its amazing and gracious founder, Rebecca Drysdale, is doing this very Kickstarter to have the Clubhouse rise from the ashes once more (and make sure no one gets tetanus from the security gate).

Please support a LA comedy venue that was a home for so many, big and small, weird and weirder, etc. etc. Do so on Kickstarter here.