Pick of the Day: CityWalk the Musical (in LA) 7/15 & 8/22

CityWalk, adjacent to Universal Studios Hollywood, is one of the stranger haunts of LA in that one can’t be quite sure if it’s designed for tourists or for those Angelenos that are looking for a off-beat corporate-ish shopping experience that’s outside of Universal Studios.

It’s this strangeness that is tapped for the engrossing and hilarious musical from UCB house team Moon Goon that dives head first into the real life uncanny valley of retail that is CityWalk (through the lens of a rom com to boot). The very first run of CityWalk the Musical sold out at UCB and, thankfully, Moon Goon and UCB are doing a couple more performances in the coming months.

Specifically, you can catch what might be the most LA-centric musical on Sat. Jul. 15th & Tues. Aug. 22nd at 7PM. Tickets are $20 and you best snag them up quick before they sell out again.