Cinefamily and Secret Cinema Hosting “A Secret Protest Screening” In Support of “The Interview”

Though Sony has currently stopped the release of The Interview and Paramount has claimed Team America: World Police is “out of service”, independent theaters, many of which would be ready and willing to screen The Interview, are still trying to make a stand in any way they can. 

The beloved indie/art house/retrospective Cinefamily based out of The Silent Movie Theatre here in LA has partnered with UK’s Secret Cinema and is putting on a “Secret Protest Screening”. They won’t be showing The Interview, but they also have not revealed what they will be showing.

The screening description reads

We think what’s happened with The Interview is plain wrong. It sets a terrible precedent, and we feel, as an independent movie theater, we should do whatever we can to support any filmmaker or film studio’s right to free speech.

All proceeds will go to global free speech charity Article 19.

So, let’s not succumb to threats against making and watching whatever movies we want. Make a stand, though literally sit and use standing room if you have to, and go to this if this Sun. Dec. 21st at 7:30PM.