Chris Miller and Phil Lord Are Developing Animated/Live Action Hybrid Series Starring Johnny Pemberton

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

Yep. We’re on board for all of this.

Hollywood golden boys Chris Miller and Phil Lord are onto the next step of their fast growing comedy legacy (Jump Street, LEGO Movie, Last Man on Earth, and more) with a pilot presentation of Son of Zahn at Fox.

The animated will be juxtaposed with the live action in a story where an animated Barbarian father has to deal with coming home to the suburban life where a very real and hilarious Johnny Pemberton will play the son. We’re thinking that it’s probably somewhere along the lines of a much more clever, sharper, and heightened version of Thor not having his powers on earth in the first Thor movie.

Either way, we hope it gets past all the pilot stages just so we can see what Lord and Miller have got cooking.