Chris Gethard Makes a Sweet, Heartfelt Love Letter to New Jersey with “Taylor Ham, Egg, and Cheese”


Most love letters don’t come in the form of a comedy album. In fact, it’s hard to think of any hour of stand-up comedy being a love letter to anything (save for Blake Wexler’s album of voicemails from Todd Glass). 

Leave it to Chris Gethard, the comedian who likely wears his heart on his sleeve more than anyone else in comedy, to dedicate an album something he loves deeply, his home state of New Jersey. 

This album, Taylor Ham, Egg, and Cheese is indeed chock full of Jersey intricacies, references, and name checks greeted with hollers and applause. Gethard flexes the depth of his Jersey identity here, but, to the Jersey uninitiated, you don’t feel lost throughout. The sheer love that he has for the place, the people, and the way his experiences with the two shaped him into the punk rock sweetheart comedian that he is today emanates through every bit and becomes the core of the humor. No one really loves Jersey quite like Gethard and he shows how beautiful of a thing that is. 

If you’re looking for some sweetness in your comedy, please listen to and enjoy Chris Gethard’s Taylor Ham, Egg, and Cheese here or on Spotify.