If you think about it, if The Chris Gethard Show was to be handed off to someone in its entirety, it would be unofficial, unauthorized, and keep the name even though someone not named Chris Gethard would be hosting, right?

Well, that’s what happening at the Lyric Hyperion on Fri., Feb. 8th at 8PM with the very, very funny Robby Hoffman (former writer and featured performer on TCGS).

Chris Gethard’s official statement on this whole happening is as follows:

“I am not involved in this and don’t really understand why it’s happening or what it is, but I love Robby, so go for broke. Again, this show in no way reflects, represents, or is The Chris Gethard Show.” 

Whatever happens, we’re sure it’ll be some damn fun, controlled chaos (which is the true spirit of TCGS, isn’t it?). Go get tickets for the show for $8 here.

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