Chris Gethard Doesn’t Disappoint in Adventure to Bonnaroo

So, this is video evidence that Chris Gethard of the currently most famous public access show in recent memory The Chris Gethard Show has made it to Albuquerque, NM. Albuquerque doesn’t disappoint in terms of Breaking Bad shooting there and it’s ridiculousness rubbing off on the townspeople (i.e. having a “license” to throw ninja stars). 

That’s only the latest, which was preceded by Chris being forced to confront his fear of heights at the Hoover Dam

Chris rocking out with garage band Stainless Steel

Chris being driven to Vegas with someone who isn’t that big of a fan… 

and even Chris eating food intended for Montessori students in AZ.

His latest tweet is from Wichita, KS, which is, at its shortest suggested route by Google Map, 742 miles away from Bonnaroo, yet there’s no telling how long that will take via planned hitchhiking.