Chris Gethard Is Starting an Anonymous Call-In Podcast

A Chris Gethard confessional?

After getting his public access show put on actual cable television, Chris Gethard isn’t taking much time off. He’s got his next comedy experiment ready to go in an one-hour completely anonymous call-in anything goes podcast, Beautiful/Anonymous.

He’s allowing any and all, so long as they don’t reveal their identity or clues to their identity if Chris is familiar with them, to talk about whatever they want to talk about for an exactly an hour. Callers are allowed to hang up earlier if they so choose, but Chris will hang up at the one hour mark no matter where they’re at in the conversation.

We have no doubt that this might go off the rails in the best way possible.

Gethard is planning to take calls starting on Mon. Nov. 23rd at 10AM EST/7AM PST. The number to call isn’t posted yet, but will be right before they go live on this post.