Chris Fleming Will Stream His Special “Showpig” on Facebook Live


Almost nobody does a comedy special and has broadcasted or streamed to people live. It’s such a risky thing to do and takes so much skill and comedic prowess that to even think about doing such a thing has been a rare occurrence. Brian Regan did do a live special for Comedy Central, but he is, after all, Brian Regan.

That being said, Chris Fleming is so unbelievably funny and such a dynamic performer, we believe that he can pull off livestreaming his special on Facebook Live. On Decemeber 21st at 6PM PST, Chris will be doing just that while taping his hour special Showpig from Chicago’s Thalia Hall.

You’ll be able to watch it on his FB page here:

Here’s a delicious taste of what’s to come and why you should set a reminder for Dec. 21st.