Chris Estrada Series “This Fool” (FKA Punk Ass Bitch) Gets Ordered to Series at Hulu

(via THR)

When this got put in development as Punk Ass Bitch earlier this year with the likes of Pat BishopJake Weisman, and Matt Ingebretson, the whimsically dark minds behind Corporate on Comedy Central, we were so thrilled that Chris Estrada was getting his due as a true, blue LA comedy favorite, widely regarded as so funny and one of the hardest working comedians in the whole LA scene.

Also, a series called Punk Ass Bitch getting put in the works by a major streaming service was more than pleasantly surprising.

We’re even more ecstatic to know that Hulu is ordering the now-titled This Fool to series, essentially giving Estrada his first marquee role and vehicle to deservingly introduce him to his widest audience yet (after numerous stand-up TV appearances). Specifically, the show will follow Chris playing a version of himself working at “a gang-rehabilitation nonprofit and his quest to overcome his co-dependency issues with his family as he navigates working-class life in South Central Los Angeles”.

Again, you really ought to give Chris Estrada’s stand-up a watch, whether it be on YouTube or on his HBO Latino special, to know why you should be so very excited as we are for the show getting picked up to series.

Also, kudos to Hulu for continuing to push forward with some of the most intriguing and engaging comedies on TV.