Jenny Johnson Manages to Get Chris Brown To Suspend His Twitter Account For a Few Hours

Yesterday, Jenny Johnson known to much of the Internet as @JennyJohnsonHi5, comedy writer & renowned celebrity satirist on Twitter, called out Chris Brown for a graphically and sexually demeaning tweet to, no surprise, women. Following that, a fight over Twitter ensued in which Chris Brown, also no surprise here, continued to tweet the same type of sexually demeaning insults toward Jenny Johnson, then declared, in so many words, that he is kidding and “won”.

Of course, Johnson, who professionally satirizes the lives of ridiculous celebrities, would not back down and went back and forth with Brown, until, we’re guessing, someone on his legal team or his crew told him he should shut his Twitter account down.

It’s now back up.

None of this should be a surprise to you as Chris Brown has barely, if at all, made an attempt to calm his public persona as, every few weeks or so, is reported to do something that further enrages the public like his Halloween costume. Yesterday he tweeted, in his defense, “Further proved my point of how immature society is. #CarpeDiem” We’re going to go ahead and say that demeaning women even, possibly, with a layer of irony so thick you couldn’t lay into it with a mini-gun is not pointing out how immature society is. 

Also, if carpe diem, to you, means “shitting on the retina”, then maybe you should know that carpe diem means “seizing the day”, not saying gross things on Twitter with relatively little consequence outside of people on the Internet getting mad at you. Yes, there are comedians who talk about shitting on the eye and do it in a funny way, extending the conversation about sexual proclivities in our society in a way where we don’t have to be ashamed to talk about it. The same goes with sex experts, therapists, etc.

Note how Chris Brown is none of those things and does not accomplish what he claims to do. He’s never been funny and everything he’s said about sex seems, in of itself, to be pretty immature.

Of course, we have freedom of speech in the U.S. and as the Internet has shown, that freedom is used pretty much to its fullest extent, even when it barely seems justified. It should stay that way despite the lack of tact with what Chris Brown or any other bigot with a huge following says because we are all free to call them out, comedians, comedy writers, especially, as they should be.