“The Survivors’ Issue” of Charlie Hebdo Upped To 5 Million Copies as 3 Million Sold


(via The Hollywood Reporter)

Normally, the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo prints around 60,000 copies every week.

However, their latest issue is sort of a lightning rod as it is the issue following the attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo last week. So, a plan to print a million copies and then 3 million has now been upped to 5 million copies of what is being referred to as “The Survivors’ Issue” with the promised cartoon of Prophet Muhammad on the cover. Very shortly after the issue hit newsstands in France, 3 million copies had sold out and even auctioning on eBay for the historic issue skyrocketed to hundreds of Euros.

Soon, this issue of Charlie Hebdo will also be printed in English and a dozen or so other languages and made available in several countries for the first time. 

We wouldn’t be surprised when copies hit U.S. newsstands will go just as fast, especially since it doesn’t look like Charlie is going to make a digital issue for purchase.