Apple TV+ Gets a Bit of That Bob’s Burgers Magic with Trailer for Loren Bouchard’s Central Park

Unlike Disney+, Apple TV+ hasn’t exactly gotten to ride the coattails of something like The Mandalorian. Perhaps, this super charming musical animated series from beloved Bob’s Burgers creator Loren Bouchard might be the thing to put Apple TV+ on the map.

There are clever songs with animated dance numbers, the comfort and familiarity of Bouchard’s aesthetics from Bob’s Burgers, and even Stanley Tucci voicing an evil 1%-er in the vein of a Captain Planet villain dead set on paving over Central Park to build more NYC high rises. See all of this for yourself in the newly unveiled trailer.

Certainly, we’re very on board to see what Central Park is all about. We’ll look forward to May 29th when it premieres on Apple TV+.