CBS’ Nina Tassler Is Open To Not Having a Talk Show Following The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

(via The Wrap)

The end of Craig Ferguson’s run at The Late Late Show may be the end of The Late Late Show as well.

In CBSTCA presentation, CBS entertainment chief Nina Tassler revealed that she’s been toying with the idea of doing something different when David Letterman and Ferguson end their runs at The Late Show and The Late Late Show, respectively. 

So far, Stephen Colbert is slated to replace Letterman at The Late Show, which will presumably be called The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. There has been much speculation over what would happen in the 12:30AM slot following Colbert then, but no replacement host has been picked and it might not even be a comedy-oriented program according to Tassler.

Tassler doesn’t make it clear whether that will happen or not, but only details the possibilities, which could further shake up the late night world.