Catherine Cohen: The Twist… ? She’s Gorgeous, The Special, Is Only a Week Away

Catherine Cohen has been such a maven of her particular brand of high gloss, yet vulnerable cabaret/musical comedy for so long that she has built a die-hard following that has packed out both Club Cumming as well as IG Live when she had to live-stream her main stay show, Cabernet Cabaret. That being the case, an hour special has been a long time coming and that, in of itself, is a twist for all the years passing until now when this special, The Twist… ? She’s Gorgeous is debuting on Netflix.

Cohen put this very first hour up at the hallowed NYC comedy staple, Joe’s Pub, which we’re thrilled that Netflix subscribers (and friends w/Netflix passwords) will get to see just in case they haven’t seen its intimate majesty.

There’s only a week and change before we get to see Cohen in one of her shiniest get-ups to do her debut hour one-woman comedy special. For now, you can pass the time with a taste of what’s to come with the official trailer for Catherine Cohen: The Twist… ? She’s Gorgeous here before the Mar. 15th premiere.