Pick of the Day: Cameron Esposito: Home for the All-The-Days Thanksgiving Special Edition 11/25

Well, it looks as though Thanksgiving is going to be have to done, like almost everything else this year, remotely, if at all. Continuing to be in quarantine/lockdown, it’s very likely that you won’t be able to dig into turkey and fixings with your family or friends like you would in the before times.

Yet, there’s still hope for some Thanksgiving week as Cameron Esposito will be a Thanksgiving Dad to us all with a very special virtual stand-up show with some TBA special guests, presented by Dynasty Typewriter. Esposito’s candor and warmth are the perfect recipe to bring feelings of joy, mirth, and togetherness at a time when those are in short supply.

Cameron Esposito’s Home for the All-The-Days: Thanksgiving Edition is set to stream on Wed. Nov. 25th at 5:30PM PT/8:30PM ET. Tickets are only $10. Go make this Thanksgiving just a little better and get tickets here.