Pick Up Married Couple Cameron Esposito & Rhea Butcher’s Album “Back to Back”


Sure, plenty of comedians talk about being married. There will always be plenty of material to mine from matrimony.

However, very few, if any, actually do stand-up together and release it as an album. Even if both spouses are indeed comedians, the majority of the time, they’d want an entire hour to themselves. 

Leave it to one of comedy’s most affable couples Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher to delve into pretty much uncharted territory. Together, they give a delightful look into their lives, between two people that happen to be wondrous, introspective stand-up comedians, as a happily married couple in 2017 via their album Back to Back

Much like their live show/podcast Put Your Hands Together, they start off the hour together, then do separate sets, highlighting their individual comedy stylings and their playful back-and-forth as a duo on stage. 

Don’t be surprised to see if this starts a trend of hours from married comedy couples.

You can get Back to Back now off of AST Records with buttons or shirts (or both) or off of iTunes.