Cameron Esposito’s Wonderful New Hour “Rape Jokes” Is Now Streaming (and Available to Purchase in Support of RAINN)


Cameron Esposito’s new hour Rape Jokes is so graceful in its craftsmanship and approach to the topics of sexual assault, feminism, gender, LGBTQ issues, and also, Catholicism, that it encapsulates, for us, a particularly special comment made about Esposito by Jay Leno years ago. (NOTE: we do note how weird it is to have the world “graceful” next to the phrase “rape jokes”, but Cameron’s comedy does indeed pull off graceful humor on such a controversial topic)

In 2013, Cameron made her network TV debut by performing on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Cameron was called to the couch, in the middle of her set, after getting a laugh from directly joking at the lead guest that night, Jay Leno. It was a fun riff session, which was capped off by Leno saying, “White men are on their way out. You’re the future,” and even added, “Lesbians rule!” You can read Cameron’s account of the whole event here.

Esposito’s undeniable warmth and sense of empathy make her so enthralling to watch and only adds to how funny, yet effective all her jokes and stories within Rape Jokes are. Even when she shares her story as a survivor of sexual assault, it’s a portion that is sobering, but, at the same time, empowering to the idea of victims of sexual assault, harassment, misconduct, etc. finally speaking their truth. 

For us, the idea of her being “the future” rings so true from this hour. Luckily, you can see it for yourself as it’s currently streaming at:

Esposito is releasing this special in support of RAINN, the United States’ largest anti-sexual violence organization. So, if you buy the special, the proceeds will go to RAINN.