FXx Is Going Short Form and Getting Trippy This Week with Premiere of “Cake”

FX (and FXx) have solidified themselves as purveyors of boundary pushing narrative sitcoms whether it be Atlanta, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, or Baskets.

Starting this Wed. Sept. 25th at 10:30PM, FXx will be dipping their toes into the Adult Swim side of things with a cornucopia of short form creations, both live action and animated, in a series known as Cake.

From the looks of it, FXx will be swinging for the fences of going out there with these beautiful/trippy/weird/hysterical/absurd morsels.

You can get a nice little taste of what’s going to be served with this trailer, then look out for the series premiere of Cake at 10:30PM, Sept. 25th on FXx.