Caitlin Gill’s Major. Needs to Be The Next Comedy Album You Listen To


If you’ve been following us here at TCB, you might know that we’re big fans of Caitlin Gill and thusly, it wasn’t a big surprise that we immensely enjoyed her latest hour on the new album Major.

What did take us by surprise is that Gill is completely clean for the entirety of Major. in a way that you likely won’t notice and certainly doesn’t sacrifice her rambunctious comedic spirit. In fact, there is a certain bottled-lighting feeling we get here as the stories and observations woven and told with gusto by Caitlin that feels pretty damn close to watching Caitlin be the force of nature that she is live in person. That’s pretty rare for comedy albums/specials even though that is all of what they’re going for (often due to the arduous prep and planning that goes into these sort of recordings).

Also, Gill probably has the definitive bit about the existential frustration of bank transactions for our generation on this album.

So, please, please, please go get Major. (it’ll be streaming on Sirius XM this weekend as well).