Apparently, Most of The CAA Comedy Department Has Become a Big Part of UTA’s Comedy Department

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

Maybe BoJack Horseman will do an episode about this like they did the William Morris Endeavor merger?

Two big comedy agents, Jason Heyman and Martin Lesak, were at United Talent Agency or UTA, then uprooted with their clients and left to Creative Artists Agency or CAA making a huge shift in which agency had more leverage when it came to comedy. 

Heyman and Lesak, after being reportedly dissatisfied at CAA for a long time, have headed back to UTA and are apparently taking what seems like the entirety of CAA’s comedy department including Nick Nuciforo, Susie Fox, Joanna Scott, Mackenzie Condon and Chelsea McKinnies and their high profile talent, Will Ferrell, Chris Pratt, Melissa McCarthy, Seth Meyers, and way more.

From the point of view of consumers of comedy, the effect might be negligible and comedy movies, television, web series, etc. proceed as planned. Now that legal action is being taken (via Deadline) by CAA against UTA and all the agents that moved over, perhaps certain projects will be slowed.

While suits are being filed and arbitrations are being made, hopefully everything else will seem business as usual.