Comedy Sketch Group Butt Is Currently Doing a 12 Hour KISS-Themed Livestream to Promote Their Non-Kiss-Themed Show Next Month


Butt, the sketch comedy duo of Joe McAdam and Chris Stephens, are masters of being sublimely and hilariously daft. 

In this spirit, they are promoting their upcoming show at Dynasty Typewriter on Sat. Feb. 9th at 10PM by doing a 12 hour livestream from 8AM PST-8PM PST that is themed around the classic rock band KISS. 

Thus far, they’ve done a KISS cam on Hollywood Blvd., attempted to play KISS’ video game (yes, there is one), got a video of Bam Margera attempting to be Gene Simmons to promote the show, and try to figure the perfect way to get a shout out from Gene Simmons. Again, they’d like to reiterate that their live show will have nothing to do with KISS. 

In short, it’s a pretty great way to have some beautiful absurdity and stupidity in your life for today.

So, watch the livestream on Twitter @buttguys here and go get tickets for their Feb. 9th in LA at Dynasty Typewriter at the Hayworth Theater show here.