Brooks Wheelan Bet the Get Rich Nick Podcast He Could Finish a Marathon in Under 4 Hours and 33 Minutes Without Training at All

As professional sports (and amateur sports for that matter) have effectively been postponed for quite some time and the ongoing crossover for comedy and sports continues, the most recent episode of the amazing podcast Get Rich Nick with Nick Turner and Nick Vatterott manages to fill the need for sports and makes it a glorious bit at the same time.

Off a whim, comedian Brooks Wheelan, who stresses that he did not train at all for a marathon, bet Get Rich Nick co-host Nick Turner $500 that he could run a marathon under 4 hours and 33 minutes without any prior preparation or training. Nick accepted the wager and Wheelan got underway on his own. The journey was pretty thoroughly cataloged on Twitter and the emotional arc of the run is pretty damn funny as well as surprising and inspiring throughout, especially at the end.

See for yourself in the thread here, then listen to the whole episode that just dropped today here.