Pick of the Day: 2nd Annual Brody Stevens Festival of Friendship

May Brody Stevens rest in peace and may we remember the joy and light and artistry in comedy that he kept pushing further and further.

A great way to honor his memory is be in attendance for this 2nd Annual Festival of Friendship at one of what essentially was Brody’s home club, The Comedy Store next Tuesday.

The line-up is set to feature:
Bobby Lee
Steve Rennazzizi
Anthony Jeselnik
Josh Wolf
Adam Ray
Tony Hinchcliffe
Brenton Biddlecombe
Brian Redban
Matt Braunager
Cort McCown
Jayson Thibault
Annie Lederman
with Master of Ceremonies Sam Tripoli
+more TBA!

Please go get your tickets for this very special occasion. They are $20 (+2 drink min.) and you can (and should) purchase them here.