Los Angeles Officially Marks 8/18 as Brody Stevens Day

(via Jewish Journal)

This week, Aug. 18th or, more appropriately 8/18, was designated by the City of Los Angeles as Brody Stevens Day to honor the late comedian for what he meant to both LA and comedy itself.

Of course, one of Brody’s many many catchphrases was “818 ’til I die!” a reference to being born and raised in the Valley and its area code being 818; thus 8/18 was the day picked to honor Stevens’ memory.

The very special, undeniable positivity and energy that Brody brought to the stage was a true phenomenon, unmatched by anyone that we’ve ever seen in our tenure watching comedy at TCB. That’s part of the reason why so many comedians and die hard fans alike would always make sure to watch Brody go up and run through his catchphrases or compare mental health prescriptions with audience members or mention that he was in The Hangover or do his one-of-a-kind warm-up for TV tapings or just simply drum on a chair.

The other reason is that his positive energy was infectious and it was something that you always just wanted to be around.

Brody’s horrifically tragic passing by suicide took Brody from this mortal coil, but his spirit very, very much lives on (even in just people’s utterances of YES! in Brody’s cadence).

So, going forward from this moment, don’t forget 8/18 each and every year to pay your respects to Brody (and probably do your very own impression of him) and, every day, to ENJOY IT!