There Are Dozens of ‘Next Up’ UK Comedy Specials Coming Stateside

Thanks to the comedy powers that be at Comedy Dynamics and a brand new advantageous partnership with Next Up, a formidable UK comedy brand, there’s a whole bunch of comedy specials, amassed from over the last several years, for you to dig into here in the U.S.

Previously, hours from the likes of Fern Brady, Kiri Pritchard McLean, The Pajama Men, Jen Brister, Aditi Mittal, Tommy Tiernan, Tiff Stevenson, Luisa Omeilan, and Marcel Lucont were primarily just available for streaming to those Brits tuned into Next Up. There are a few great comics from this side of the pond as well like Kira Soltanovich, Dave Meherje, and Dave Hill.

Now, over 150 specials from Next Up’s library will get U.S. streaming distribution across almost every major platform via Comedy Dynamics. You’ll probably have more than enough specials to get through the end of 2022 just from this deal alone.

Here’s the list of specials that Comedy Dynamics is bringing to us soon.

Aaron Simmonds Disabled Coconut
Adam Hess Seahorse
Aditi Mittal Mother of Invention
Alasdair Beckett-King The Alasdair Beckett-King Mysteries
Alex Kealy Rationale
Alexander Fox Ringo
Alexis Dubus A Ruddy Brief History of Swearing
Ali Brice Bin Wondering
Alison Thea-Skot Thea-Skot Through the Heart and You’re to Blame
Andrea Hubert Week
Andrew Maxwell Showtime
Andrew Maxwell Yo Contraire
Andy Field The Andy Field Experience
Anesti Danelis Six Frets Under
Anna Mann A Sketch Show for Depressives
Anna Mann How We Stop The Fascists
Archie Maddocks Matchstick
Ashley Storrie Hysterical
Bec Hill I’ll Be Bec
Ben Target Discover
Ben Van der Velde Fablemaker
Brennan Reece Everglow
Casual Violence Hang The Suits
Christopher Bliss Writing Wrongs
Daliso Chaponda What The African Said
Daniel Cook For Money
Danny McLoughlin Phillip Was Right
Ed Aczel Is Edward Aczel Infinite?
Eleanor Morton Great Title, Glamorous Photo
Esther Manito Crusade
Fern Brady Male Comedienne
Funmbi Omotayo
Gráinne Maguire Great People Making Great Choices
Hal Cruttenden Straight Outta Cruttenden
Hal Cruttenden Chubster
Helen Duff How Deep Is Your Duff
Holly Burn The Best of the Burn
Ian Smith Half-Life
Jen Brister Meaningless
Jessica Fostekew Silence of the Nanns
Joe Sutherland Toxic
Joey Page The Last Night Before Lockdown
John Hastings Integrity
Jonathan Pie Back To The Studio
Jonny Pelham An Hour
Jordan Brookes The Making Of [Director’s Cut]
Jordan Brookes Body Of Work
Joseph Morpurgo Hammerhead
Joz Norris The Incredible…
Juliette Burton Defined
Kat Bond Loo Roll
Kiri Pritchard McLean Hysterical Woman
Laura Lexx Tyrannosaurus Lexx
Laura Lexx Trying
Lauren Pattison Lady Muck
Lazy Susan Forgive me, Mother!
Lloyd Langford Rascal
Lost Voice Guy I’m only in it for the free parking
Lou Conran At Least I’m Not Dog Poo Darren
Maisie Adam Vague
Marcel Lucont Gallic Symbol
Mark Smith Old Smudge
Matt Winning Ragnarok
Matthew Highton Insufficient Memory
Max & Ivan The Reunion
Michael Legge Jerk
Michael Legge The Idiot
Norris & Parker Burn the Witch
Pat Cahill D.O.T.T.
Patrick Turpin To Me, You Are Perfect
Paul Sinha Shout Out To My Ex
Peter Brush t
Rachel Parris Best Laid Plans
Ray Bradshaw Deaf Comedy Fam
Richard Stott Right Hand Man
Richard Todd Live
Rob Oldham Worm’s Resolve
Robin Morgan What a Man, What a Man, What a Man, What a Mighty Good Man (Say It Again Now)
Róisín and Chiara Back to Back
Sarah Callaghan The Ballad Of Sarah Callaghan
Sean McLoughlin Kamikaze
Séayoncé Déjà Voodoo
Shappi Khorsandi Live from Soho
The Delightful Sausage Cold Hard Cache
Tim Renkow King of the Tramps
Tom Parry Parryoke
Tom Stade I Swear To
Tom Ward Sex, Snails and Cassette Tapes
Tommy Tiernan Under the Influence
Twins Pret A Comedy
Zoe Lyones Entry Level Human
Abigoliah Schamaun Namaste, Bitches
Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall Alasdair Lists Everything
Alexander Bennett Alexander Bennett’s Terrifying Smile
Alexander Bennett Housewive’s Favourite
Alice Fraser The Resistance
Alice Fraser Ethos
Archie Maddocks Shirts Vs Skins
Ashley Haden We All Die C**ts
Ashley Haden F**k You And F**k Your Beliefs
Becky Brunning Bloom
Bobby Mair NextUp Special
Brendon Burns Selfies in the Grand Canyon
Chris Chopping Chris Chopping’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Danielle Ward Seventeen
Danny McGinlay The Complete First Season
Dave Hill The Pride of Cleveland
Dominic Holland The Glory Year
Dominic Holland Alive In Tring
Dr. George Ryegold The Worst Of
Dylan Brody Driving Hollywood
Eleanor Morton Lollipop
Gareth Cooper Mishmash
Garrett Millerick Devil’s Advocate
Gavin Baskerville Reasons
Georgie Morrell Eyecon
Grey Griffin My First Comedy Special
James Ross Leopardoptera
Jarred Christmas Live from a Village Pub
Jeff Leeson Grandma Used To Heckle Me
Jeff Leeson Off The Cuff
Joe Bor A room with a Jew
Joe Bor The Story of Walter and Herbert
Joe Matarese The Poster’s Wrong
Jordan Brookes Bleed
Juliette Burton Butterfly Effect
Laura Davis Live at the Easey Street Concert Hall
Luisa Omielan Politics for Bitches
Marcel Lucont Numero Dix
Matt Gubser Daddy Issues
Nick Capper Pork Palace
Njambi McGrath Breaking Black
Njambi McGrath African In New York – Almost Famous
Njambi McGrath Accidental Coconut
Njambi McGrath One Last Dance With My Father
Paul F Taylor Pick Of The Litter
Phil Nichol The Naked Racist
Phil Nichol Nearly Gay
President Obonjo Goodbye Mr President
Robert White Tank Top Tour
Robert White InstruMENTAL
Sam Avery The Learner Parent
Sam Rhodes Americanarama
Samantha Hannah How to Find Happiness (In A Year)
Scott Bennett Leap Year
Shane Todd Holywood to Hollywood
Shirley & Shirley Marriage Material?
Stephen Grant Taken For Granted
Stuart Laws So Preoccupied…
Stuart Laws Stops
The Pajama Men Pterodactyl Nights
The Pajama Men The Last Stand To Reason
Thenjiwe Moseley Live in London
Tiernan Douieb Miserably Happy
Tiernan Douieb The World is Full of Idiots
Tiernan Douieb This Isn’t For You
Tiff Stevenson Optimist
Tiff Stevenson Mad Man
Umar Khan Live In Baltimore
Andy Parsons Live & Unleashed – But Naturally Cautious
Bec Hill Bec in an Hour
D.J. Demers [Indistinct Chatter]
Dave Merheje Good Friend Bad Grammar
Ed Byrne Crowd Pleaser
Ed Byrne Different Class
Ed Byrne Roaring Forties
Ed Byrne Outside Looking In
Ed Byrne Spoiler Alert
James Mullinger Almost Canadian
Kira Soltanovich You Did This To Me
Mark Forward Presents Mark Forward
Mark Steel Vive La Revolution
Mark Steel Mark Steel’s In Town
Miles Jupp Is The Chap You’re Thinking Of
Miles Jupp Fibber In The Heat
Norman Lovett Outside the Box
Paul Zerdin All Mouth
Richard Herring Lord of the Dance Settee
Sean Hughes Penguins
Simon Munnery Hello
Stewart Francis Pun Gent
Tony Law An Hour & Some of Tony Law
Tony Law Brainporium
Tony Law Maximum Nonsense
Tony Law Go! Mr Tony Go!
Ben Rosenfeld Don’t Shake Your Miracle
Celia Pacquola The Looking Glass

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