One of 2020’s Biggest Non-Virtual Comedy Events, Bring Back Laughs, Will Be Released via Comedy Dynamics

Back in 2020, when we’re all steeped in a different type of chaos and had no idea about when or how a vaccine would come about, our future (and by proxy, the future of comedy) was more uncertain than it has ever been in our lifetimes. Thankfully, there were enough clever and innovative folks that figured how to put comedy shows together unlike they ever were and, at that point in time, many of the biggest comedians, starved of any stage time, were up for anything.

One of the results from that mix was Bring Back Laughs, a big, socially distant comedy fundraiser, outdoors in a parking lot that boasted the likes of Roy Wood, Jr., Chris Gethard, Sam Jay, Rojo Perez, Myq Kaplan, Todd Barry, Carmen Lynch, Victor Varnado, Janeane Garofalo, Tone Bell, Nore Davis, Bonnie McFarlane, the Lucas Brothers, Hannibal Buress, Ilana Glazer, and Paula Poundstone. The Creek and the Cave, which was still in NYC at the time, partenered with Supreme Robot Pictures to throw this comedy benefit for Direct Relief that brought aid to impoverished or endangered folks around the country and the world.

“This performance is based on a series of comedy concerts Rebecca Trent was producing in a parking lot during the pandemic. The performers and the audience were so happy to get outside and benefitting a wonderful charity like Direct Relief is a cherry on top. This performance also made my wife think I’m cool.” said Executive Producer Victor Varnado.

It has been awhile since we’ve seen a pandemic era special, but we did remember seeing the pictures from this and thinking, while in LA, that we almost wished were quarantining in NYC at the time.

Thankfully, Comedy Dynamics is putting this out on all major streaming platforms, both for audio and video soon.