Here’s @gentscum episode 14 with @roryscovel.  Dunno why it’s not posted yet in audio form.  I think our producer @pmelt is getting donut holes or some shit and hasn’t uploaded it yet.  Tweet him and tell him to post it.  Srsly.

Also, I just want to add that Rory is one of my favorite guests so far.  Dude is quality.  Go see him record his CD April 5 and 6 in San Francisco if you’re in the area.  I promise.  And I fucking know I have Tumblr readers in SF because of the Giants comments I get.  So go see Rory at the Punch Line next week.

I should warn you that we do have a quite a bit of WrestleMania talk, so skip through that shit if you’re a goddamn baby about things.  Other than that, enjoy.